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News and Events

Indra Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) - Construction of Terminal 3
AGL Ducting & Handholes at Runaway / Taxi way Honeywell Airport Systems GmbH

Circle Line Stage 3 - Including Stabilization Works at Cross Passages
Rock Blasting & Slope Stabilization works at Cross Passage (CCl 854)

New Doha International Airport (NDIA)
Sinohydro-Gamuda-WCT JV


Projek Mass Rapid Transit Lembah Kelang Jajaran Sungai Buloh - Kajang Underground Works Package
Construction and Completion of
Rock Blasting Work at Pasar Rakyat
IDE - TOTALAP Joint Venture

Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric Project
Tunnel Excavation and Support
Measures for HR Maintenance, Telom
and ECV Tunnel.
Salini Malaysia

Excavation of lots 103,144,275,276 & 277 and Part of Lot 143,Daerah Seberang Prai Selatan,Pinang
Quarry Blasting Works
M.D.R.Bina (M) Sdn Bhd

Slope Protection Works
Soil Nailing Works
Soil Mechanic Sdn.Bhd.

Monorails WIFI Project
Installation of CCTV
PSI Incontrol Sdn.Bhd.

VALE Malaysia Manufacturing Project (VMMP)- Phase
1A(Stage 1) For Earthworks Services
Rock Blasting And Slope
Protection Works
WCT Construction Sdn. Bhd.

UluJelai Hydroelectric Project
Portal Works And Tunnel
Salini (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Electrified Double Track Project-Ipoh To Padang Besar
Shotcrete Wall For
Contiguous Bored
Pile (CBO) At Ch
6730 To Ch 6940
- N4/S15

Electrified Double Track Project-Ipoh To Padang Besar
Slope Protection Works CH30000 to
CH30250 (N4/S12

ElectrifiedDouble Track Project-Ipoh To Padang Besar
Soil Nail Wall with
Grid Beam at CH28350
to CH28450 - N4/S12

Cadangan Pembangunan Sebuah Blok Pejabat 14 Tingkat,
DamansaraPerdana, Selangor
Shotcreting and Rock Bolting Works
Kumpulan CLO BersekutuSdn. Bhd.

VALE Malaysia Manufacturing Project(VMMP) - Phase 1A (Stage 1) For Earthworks Servicess. Manjung
WCT Construction Sdn. Bhd.

Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric Project
Portal Works and Tunnel Excavation
Salini (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Electrified Double Track Project-Ipoh To Padang Besar
Shotcrete Wall for Contiguous
MMC-G amuda Joint Venture

Electrified Double Track Project-Ipoh To Padang Besar
Slope Protection Works
MMC-G amuda Joint Venture

Electrified Double Track Project-Ipoh To Padang Besar
Soil Nail Wall With Grid Beam
MMC-G amuda Joint Venture


Protext Construction is principally involved in Rock Blasting and other ancillary works for Tunnel Construction With regard to this highly critical and hazardous nature of demolition work, we take it upon ourselves to emphasize, implement and enforce the following.

* We hold in high esteem to conduct ourselves in accordance with all Government Regulation viz:

Factories and Machinery Act 139, OSHA 1994 (ACT514) Building Operations and Works of Engineering Construction- BOWEC Safety Regulations 1986.
* Training and dissemination of information inclusive of educating our employees to practice Safe System of Work.
* Safety Induction- The Mandatory Safety induction Course conducted by the Construction Industry Development Board – Malaysia, wherein our Management and Employees have been compliant and every employee is aware of basic Safety Regulations at the construction Site.
* Regular Tool Box Talks to all employees involved in Drilling, charging, loading of explosives for Blasting procedures as we are fully committed to conform with the method Statement at our various job sites.
* A highly trained work-force with regular in-house safety Training are loaned to other contractors who seek our expertise.
* An incentive scheme and awards are accorded at to our Employees at quarterly intervals who comply with safe Practices and Procedures.
* A penalty system is imposed on persistent defaulters who violate safe Practices and engage in unsafe acts.
* The Safety and Health of the General Public accorded the priority it deserves when our employees conduct work along public highways and in close proximity with other Contractors.
* The bench-mark of our activities in compliance with the expectations of our Client and the end product being of high quality
* The success to date of our activities could be attributed to integrity, quality and works completed ahead of schedule whereby the Client is always at an advantage of securing future assignments for mutual benefit.
* The management’s Policy of carrying out in depth study on tunnel construction and gaining extensive experience viz: Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore, Burma, lraq and Malaysia being actively engaged in the construction and completion of tunnel in all these countries, had been above reproach.
* Thus at all times we have a pool of highly trained employees in the field of tunnel construction and we take pride having clocked more than 3,000,000 man hour for which we have maintained a zero loss Time Accidents ( LTA )


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